How did we like it?

+ good touristic infrastructure and at the same time one came escape mass tourism relatively easily; the province KwaZulu Natal has a special charm, especially the Drakensberge

+ diverse and impressive landscape from the coast to the mountains

+ the Krüger NP is unique in its effort to provide access to nature in a big stretch of land and at the same time to preserve it. Extreme attention is paid to ban poaching.

+ safe, no corruption, no begging

+ friendly, helpful people; no language barrier

- even 20 years after Apartheid there is a lot of it left in the minds and attitude of the people - on both sides!

- bizarre differences between the rich and the poor; after Lesotho, the country with the most unequal spread of wealth on a world wide basis!

- unfortunately the organisation of SAN Parks is not in a position to manage the utilisation of their own camps effectively. As a result nice places remain unused very often.

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